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5/14/13 Acts of terrorism are a common concern for individuals everywhere now after the recent bombing in Boston. Extremists are everywhere and innocent people die daily all over the world as a result of their actions. Although it’s impossible to determine when and where they will strike next, building owners can now improve the safety and security of their buildings by installing bomb blast film. This security window film will ensure the glass remains intact during an explosion thus minimizing the cases of occupants affected by flying glass shards. Glass is the weakest point of all buildings in terms of safety and security. If a bomb were to detonate in or around your building, occupants would not only be affected by the explosion of the bomb itself but also by the flying glass shards. In fact, 90% of all injuries from a bomb blast are a result of flying glass shards which, propelled by the force of the explosion, becomes flying shrapnel. American Window Tinting offers a security window film called Bomb Blast Window Film that provides a higher level of safety and security for all building occupants by minimizing damage and ensuring building continuity. This film is designed to hold glass together in the event a bomb or other explosives are set off in or around your building. By holding the glass together, serious injuries as a result of flying glass shards can be minimized. Installing Bomb blast window film in Northwest Arkansas is a smart security precaution.
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